Month: February 2018

RichFearon Photography | Snowy Warm Embrace | Jardin de Tullierie | Paris | BNW

Winter Photos in Paris

Paris in the springtime, Paris in the fall but Paris in winter? It has felt like a long dark winter this year, but then it snowed! It hasn’t snowed in Paris for six years, so we have been really lucky to see it. Paris changes dramatically when it snows, the place is quieter and the Parisians seem to turn into children for a brief moment. Style and sophistication goes out the window and snowball fights are the order of the day.

I haven’t done a lot of snow photography before so my preparation was a bit thin. I grabbed a clear plastic bag to keep the camera dry and stuck a couple of extra batteries in an inside coat pocket, to try and stop them going flat with the cold.

I chose to make them all black and white because I just think it fits. The bright white and the haziness just help to emphasis the cold.

Camera: Nikon D5300, 35mm and 11-16mm lenses.