Ladies on Steps Photography …. I took this series of photographs at La Defense, the financial district of Paris. I had just finished a photography session for a new client, Schlumberger, as I walked back towards the metro I noticed the steps and the shadows, so I sat down and watched. I hadn’t intended to take pictures but the scene just really interested me.

I’d like to say I got out my Nikon D5300 with lens here, but I had just packed it all away and I had my iphone in my hand. So these three shots are all taken with my old iphone 5c. Still a great little camera and more importantly it was in my hand and ready to capture the moment.

I posted these three shots on social media (Twitter and Instagram) and got some great comments and feedback, so check them out to see which one got the most votes, like and comments!

My editing and taking of photos has slowed recently with the French school holidays and having three children to manage. I love being able to spend time with my family but I am struggling to balance the two things at the moment. Also, we are embarking on moving out off Paris, so posts and photos may get a little sporadic, I will however try my best to keep the content coming on a regular basis.