I’ve been out and about in the sun taking some Springtime photographs. The sun is out and its beautiful in Paris. This city comes back to life at this time of year. The Mairie’s of Paris take a lot of time to protect their flowers and green spaces… lots of fences and ‘no-go’ signs during the wet winter months, which used to get me down. However, the resulting flowers and formal green spaces are joy to see and smell.

I went out with my Nikon D5300 and the 85mm F1.8G lens on with the idea that I would isolate and capture the colours. I didn’t take a tripod and just hoped the light wouldn’t be too harsh. I prefer to take the shots on a higher shutter speed and with lowest ISO possible… ideally 100.  I open up the shutter to F2 or F2.8 on aperture priority and then just see what I can get.

I did take some of these in monochrome but I still working out how best to process the shots. Black and White photography is relatively new to me so I am nervous about publishing them just yet, but maybe I will step outside my comfort zone.

My editing and taking of photos has slowed recently with the school holidays and having three children to manage. I love being able to spend time with my family but I am struggling to balance the two things at the moment. Anyway, I hope you the flowers are out for you too!